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All senior & business ads information may be found here. 




Are Senior Ads currently being sold at this time?

Yes, they are currently being sold. After December 10th we will lock the number of pages for dedications and the remaining spaces will be sold for a slightly increased price as a first come first serve basis. We CANNOT GUARANTEE there will be extra spaces leftover.

Will my photo work? 

Please try to send us the original photo file if it is a digital photo. Snapchat photos, screenshots, or photos of photos often have issues and do not meet our resolution requirements of 300dpi. If you need a picture to be scanned you can bring it to us and we will scan it for you. If a picture you send does not work, we will send you an email asking for a replacement. All of this is to ensure that your senior dedication page prints the best it can. 

The deadline to purchase Senior Ads is:

January 21st 2022. 

**We will update this page as soon as we have more information.**

Full: 150 words (max), 8 photos

Half: 100 words, 6 photos

Quarter: 50 words, 4 photos

Please submit 1-2 extra photos as back ups in case a problem occurs with quality, content, size, etc. The photo amount listed above is the maximum amount of photos per ad size. Keep in mind that we may not use every photo that you submit to account for proper spacing in the ad.


Full: $350

Half: $200

Quarter: $125

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